For years and years, the word temporary has been paired with Refugee Camps. However, how correct is this pairing when the average stay in refugee camps in protracted situations can go up on average to almost 17 years?! This app is designed as the call to action for the Temporary Years exhibition.
The poor pairing of the words - temporary and refugee camps - resulted in temporary solutions to problems in camps for many years. However, for sometime now, many designers and innovators have been working on sustainable solutions for this huge global problem. our call to action is designing one platform that combines all sustainable project in one place to allow people a quick and easy access to the variety of projects on one platform. This app aims to first, educate about problems in refugee camps, and share the sustainable solutions. Second, to create a space for action taking by donating, volunteering, or to simply sharing ideas and supporting the community

Brows and donate  
The first user of this app is someone who is interested in supporting sustainability in Refugee Camps, but would rather not to create an account. In this journey, the user can have access to statistics and educational materials, browse through the projects, and make donations. The only restriction they will have is tracking their donations, and applying for volunteering or work opportunities.
Sign up, connect, and donate
The second user of this app is someone who is interested in becoming part of this community, and would like to sign up and create an account. In this journey, the user will have full access to all the services provided.

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