Lydia Davis is a very well known short story writer. Designing a series book covers for her stories  required doing some reading to capture the essence of the books. As I was going through the stories, I found them hard to absorb from the first read, as Lydia doesn't use names for her personas, instead she refers to them with he/she. Meanwhile, as I was reading, I started sketching to capture the sentiment in the books, and to connect the personas. Once I was done, I was left with a mesh of lines and main words that represented the strong connectivity and complexity of the story. I decided to use that feel for the design of the book covers. I hand made the covers using threads to reflect the nesting of the story, the strong connections, and the difficulty in breaking the story apart. Then, flipped the cover design sideways  to hint to the reader that the book will require a bit of extra effort to read and absorb. 

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